Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Discounts

Cheers to a dreary beginning to April 2009!!!

Today we start new discounts for the month. Like last month, no coupons are needed and you can take advantage of these specials during lunch and dinner.

Check back daily for the specials as those items are purchased and delivered every morning. They vary with what the fish market has available.

The items listed below we already have a price lock on ... so these will be the daily features:

Seaweed salad (from Japan) $3.00
Fresh water eel sushi $4.00
Soft shell crab roll $14.00
Kani Kara Age (WHALE-size soft shell crabs) $15.00
Eel cucumber roll $4.00

The fresh water eel is from Taiwan and the soft shell crab is from the mid-Atlantic states.